fall plant care

Fall Plant Care

But, as we transition to the colder months, here are some ways to adjust our care routines to ensure all those plants we bought in spring and summer continue to thrive throughout the fall and winter seasons. As with any plant advice, apply what will work best for your collection!


Repotting 101: Part 1

Repotting your plants can seem like a daunting task, so let’s break down what you need to get started! Did you know that generally speaking, your plants grow more during the spring and summer months than during the fall and winter? Growing season is typically March to September, while the dormant period is October to …

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Moving with Plants

Have you ever experienced the stress of wondering how your plants will adapt to your new home? I live in the Pacific Northwest part of the US, where sunlight is scarce for about 75% of the year, so finding decent light is a whole entire job. Around the time I was moving, my collection had grown to somewhere around 30 plants. I also had a ton of other things on my plate: unpacking, combining households with a partner, my son starting 3rd grade virtually, and I had just gotten promoted at work. With all these things needing my attention, how on earth was I going to keep my plants happy, too?

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