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Grow in Community, explained

When I first started FloraNoir as a Facebook group, the mission was very simple: create a safe space for Black women and Black non-binary folks to come together and bond over their love of plants and gardening. I connected with a local garden center to provide resources to the group to be able to access and enjoy gardening and taking care of plants via vouchers and shopping days. 

But, I realized I wanted to do more, to reach all peoples and create a conduit where anyone who was interested in plants could come to get plants, information and more importantly, support. 

Our tagline, “Grow in Community” is really translated into two parts. Grow your garden/jungle, and grow in community with others. It is my hope that FloraNoir can connect knowledgeable plant loving folks with those who are just starting out, to be a place where ideas and knowledge are shared and exchanged. 

To be sure we stay connected to the original mission of servitude, a portion of FloraNoir’s sales proceeds will go towards connecting marginalized Black folk with their green thumb, via plant donations, education forums, and other events geared specifically towards serving them.

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