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Because Everything Is Better With Plants



Why Plants?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned plant lover, a new botanical addition can be mood boosting and a fun way to add personality and variety to your space!

Which Plants?

The most important things to consider: the light source in your space, pet safety, and your personality. Are you a leave it alone type or more attentive when it comes to your plants?

The Choice is Yours

Browse our shop to find the perfect plants for you. Simply add to your cart and order.



Shipped with Care

Each plant is carefully hand wrapped to minimize damage to foliage during shipping. See the video below for unboxing your new plant babies!



Plant Tips

Refer to the FloraNoir quick care cards created for each plant we sell to nurture your green thumb.


Join the FloraNoir community forum to get help from other members and the FloraNoir team on any of your planty questions.

Plant Care Instructions

New to Plants? See our Quick Care Tips.

Brianna's Pick

Find the best plants, hand-picked by our founder.

FloraNoir - Grow in Community
FloraNoir - Grow in Community
We Help You to Grow!

Caring for your Plant Babies

Never been a plant person? It’s easier than you think. With some tips, a little work and some water, you can grow wonderful things in your life.

I believe in setting our customers up for success by providing information and support beyond the point of sale.

Brianna - FloraNoir Founder

Brianna Hill, Founder

Happy Plant People

What Our Clients Say

I recently purchased a plant from FloraNoir and Brianna and her team were extremely helpful! The customer service was exceptional. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to plants and provided me with tips on how to take care of mine. I will definitely continue to support this business in the future!
Auzurea Stephens
I bought two gorgeous healthy plants from this shop! They were packed with care and the seller communicated really well. My plants also came with a handy reference that allowed me to lookup plant care. Very helpful For me as a new plant mom. I am very happy.
Khali Ford
I've bought three plants from FloraNoir, and they are beautiful. Brianna's dedication to quality cared for plants, as well as her insight for plant care has ensure that I'll be a repeat customer. The little plant care tips are an added bonus! Many thanks to the team at FloraNoir!
Jasmine Cottrell
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