Growing Leggy Tomato Plants: Tips And Tricks

Leggy Tomato Plants 3 Common Culprits [And How to Fix Them] It's
Leggy Tomato Plants 3 Common Culprits [And How to Fix Them] It's from


Tomatoes are one of the most popular crops in home gardens. They are easy to grow and provide a bountiful harvest. However, sometimes tomato plants can become leggy, which can affect their growth and productivity. In this article, we will discuss what causes leggy tomato plants and how to prevent and fix them.

What are Leggy Tomato Plants?

Leggy tomato plants are tomato plants that have grown tall and spindly, with long stems and few leaves. They may have a weak stem and be more susceptible to breaking or falling over. Leggy tomato plants can also have a reduced yield, with smaller or fewer fruits.

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Causes of Leggy Tomato Plants

Several factors can contribute to the development of leggy tomato plants. One of the main causes is inadequate light. If tomato plants do not receive enough sunlight, they will stretch out to try to find it. This can result in tall, thin stems and few leaves. Another factor is overcrowding. If tomato plants are planted too close together, they will compete for light and nutrients. This can result in leggy plants that are not as productive as they could be.

How to Prevent Leggy Tomato Plants

To prevent leggy tomato plants, it is important to provide them with adequate light. Tomato plants need at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. If you are growing tomatoes indoors, you may need to use artificial lighting to supplement natural light. It is also important to give tomato plants enough space to grow. Plant them at least 2-3 feet apart to give them room to spread out. If you are growing tomatoes in containers, choose a container that is at least 18 inches in diameter to give the plants enough space.

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How to Fix Leggy Tomato Plants

If your tomato plants have already become leggy, there are a few things you can do to fix them. The first step is to provide them with more light. Move them to a sunnier location or use artificial lighting to supplement natural light. You can also bury the leggy stems to encourage new root growth. Simply remove the lower leaves from the stem and bury it in a shallow trench, leaving only the top leaves exposed. The buried stem will develop new roots and help support the plant.


Leggy tomato plants can be a frustrating problem for home gardeners, but with a little care and attention, they can be prevented and fixed. By providing your tomato plants with adequate light and enough space to grow, you can ensure a healthy and bountiful harvest.

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