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Help! White fuzz growing on outside of terracotta pots?
Help! White fuzz growing on outside of terracotta pots? from www.houzz.com

The Problem with White Deposits on Terracotta Pots

If you love gardening, you must have come across terracotta pots. These pots are perfect for planting herbs, flowers, and small plants. They are porous and allow the plants to breathe. However, terracotta pots are prone to a white deposit on the outside. This deposit can ruin the appearance of the pot and also hinder plant growth. In this article, we will discuss what causes white deposits on terracotta pots and how to prevent it.

What Causes White Deposits on Terracotta Pots?

The white deposit on terracotta pots is caused by hard water. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that leave deposits on surfaces it comes into contact with. When you water your plants with hard water, the minerals in the water build up on the outside of the pot over time.

How to Remove White Deposits on Terracotta Pots

Removing white deposits from terracotta pots is not difficult. You can use a mild acid like white vinegar or lemon juice to dissolve the minerals. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water or lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the white deposits and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, scrub the pot with a soft-bristled brush and rinse with water.

Preventing White Deposits on Terracotta Pots

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent white deposits on terracotta pots, you can use rainwater or distilled water to water your plants. Rainwater is soft and free from minerals, while distilled water has been purified and is also free from minerals. You can also add a water softener to your tap water to remove minerals.

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Other Tips to Maintain Terracotta Pots

Apart from preventing white deposits, there are other things you can do to maintain your terracotta pots. First, do not let the soil in the pot dry out completely as this can cause cracks in the pot. Second, protect the pot from extreme temperatures as terracotta pots can crack in freezing temperatures. Third, clean the pot regularly to remove dirt and debris that can clog the pores.


Terracotta pots are a great addition to any garden, but they require proper maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. White deposits on terracotta pots can be removed using mild acids like vinegar or lemon juice. To prevent white deposits, use rainwater or distilled water to water your plants. Also, maintain your pot by not letting the soil dry out completely, protecting it from extreme temperatures, and cleaning it regularly. With proper maintenance, your terracotta pots will last for years to come.

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